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UK Fun Gifts Store - Blue New Nite Glowring - Toys

UK fun gifts - Blue New Nite Glowring - Toys

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Blue New Nite Glowring - The Nite Glowrings are back at Gadgets Towers, and just as cool, and useful as they have always been. Each Nite Glowring consists of 10mm diameter polycarbonate case. This provides a very strong outer casing for the 3mm diameter laser sealed glass tube known as a Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS). The inside of this tube is coated with phosphor, and the resultant reaction between the gaseous tritium and the phosphor causes it to glow continuously without any external power source. The highly specialised technology is also used in advanced military hardware, or safety equipment where a guaranteed light source is needed in hazardous environments or conditions....

Price: 7.99

(price correct on the 9th of November 2013)

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