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Air Mail Catapult - Fun Gadgets

Air Mail Catapult - Fun Gadgets Incoming! Launch memos and messages through the skies with the Air Mail mini memo catapault. Simply write your note, fold carefully into a screwed up ball and fire it into the stratosphere (or onto your colleague's desk). Includes a full pad of 'air mail'...

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Air Mail Catapult

Insulting Hole Punch - Fun Gadgets

Insulting Hole Punch - Fun Gadgets Its a real pain when your office stationery goes walkies from your desk. You may even have a good idea of which of your colleagues has stolen your stapler or pilfered your paper clips but to accuse is to be met with denial. What you need is cold-hard proo...

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Insulting Hole Punch

Man Mug - Fun Gadgets

Man Mug - Fun Gadgets During an honest days work, a mans tea break is sacred. Theres no mucking about with teapots and fine china, just bag in a mug, milk and 2 sugars, job done; and the bigger the mug - the better! Which is why the Man Mug has got to be the hard-grafters choi...

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Man Mug

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